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  • My name is Rickey Lewis, I am an artist and the founder of  Lewis Art Inc.  I work with my wife Garner to help create artwork from to different styles. The portfolio page is a combination of our individual work as well as our collaborative works. 
  • All of our work is available in limited addition prints and must be pre ordered.
  • The public works are part of the "I care about my life & I care about your life" interactive visual art project.
  • This site includes sample pages from my graphic novel called Popadelic, it is a travelog with a cast of characters that interact to move to storyline.
  • Realeyes da bull is being written as a three panel comic highlighting ironies and satire

All Rights Reserved

"New Dawn Today"      Oil on Canvas    by Rickey Lewis

"Wind Dancers"      Mixed Media     by  Garner Lewis